BresaGen is a biotechnology company based in Adelaide, South Australia. This company focuses on developing protein and peptide therapeutics. BresaGen has an operating cGMP facility that can manufacture and develop recombinant proteins and peptides. This company already has twenty years of experience when it comes to the process of development and manufacturing of recombinant protein and peptide therapeutics. BresaGen also has human therapeutic API candidates. This company has contract process on manufacturing and development services. The first product this company has commercialized is the Equigen. This is a horse growth hormone. This company has also started its first contract on producing human growth hormone API. The latest project of BresaGen is the protEcol Services. This is a contract service business unit which is in the BresaGen Limited. This provides a process of manufacturing and developing recombinant peptides and proteins.

Cloned Pig

In May 9, 2001 BresaGen and St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne has created a milestone in cloning by developing the first cloned pig in Australia. This pig is now five weeks old, it is healthy and it is growing normally. This new cloning breakthrough will have a significant impact in defending the outbreaks of diseases in animals. This is a great breakthrough especially in the field of xenotranspantation. This is a biotechnology study which uses the organs of animals for transplantation to human beings. The main use of the cloning technology is for the improvement of livestock breeding. Cloning will make it easier for breeders to breed more of the livestock they breed by taking a small number of animals that has superior genetics and produce more of these animals rapidly.


According to the BresaGen Program Leader Dr Mark Nottle, the results of the cloning is really good, considering that it was the first transfer through the new method that the company used. Cloning is also a very useful defense against foot and mouth disease, he added. If an animal has resistance to a certain disease, then there would be a breeding company that would clone as many animals as they can from this breed. These animals will then be distributed to farmers to become breeding stock for new herds.

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Cloning Technology

According to the CEO and the President of BresaGen, Dr Jon Smeaton, the technology they used in cloning the big is very unique. The technology they used is not the same as the cloning technology used on dolly the sheep. What works on sheep will not work on pigs. This means, they started from the very start. They developed a different kind of technology for cloning the pig and they have already filed patent application. This means, the company is really strong especially in the fields of embryo research and biology.